web design trends 2015


2015 is here and with it comes some really interesting new design trends in the web world. Here are my top 5 that I think are worth their weight in pixels.


Beautiful imagery gets a boost with the use of full screen images. Not only does this trend catch the attention of your audience, but it actually makes them more likely to engage with your website. This trend is best served when used for creative businesses like photographers, restaurants or bakeries, conferences/events and event planners.


If imagery is king, typography is reigning queen in 2015. Bold web fonts, with unique attributes like semi-serifs, slab-serifs and even script fonts are making their way onto the web. Many web font resources are free including FontSquirrel, Google Web Fonts and Adobe Web Fonts. Look for type to be the focal point on many websites, not just beautiful imagery.


One of my favorite trends in web design is the use of GIFs. Not familiar with this funny acronym? A GIF is basically an image that can support animation. From silly cat GIFs to beautifully artistic GIFs, this imagery is a great option when used sparingly on your site. I personally love seeing this among fashion and retail sites as a way to bring a user’s attention to a certain item.


With the increase in mobile browsing ( American’s spend an average of 2.5 hours a day on their smartphones and tablets! ), comes the rise of the never-ending scroll. Rather than clicking around via the navigation bar, many websites now throw all of the content onto one page. This allows the user to scroll vertically to find each section of content, which is often divided by color blocking or varying images.


My personal fave, as it aligns with my preferred design style, simplistic design creates a good user experience and allows the goal of the website to be clearly defined. Clean web design allows the audience to easily navigate the site and clears out the clutter making room for high-quality imagery and typography.

And there you have it. Look out for these trends coming to a browser near you. I can’t wait to see what other trends pop-up this year! Any trends you think I’ve missed? Let me know in the comments.