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/// Goal Setting for Branding Your Business


As the savvy business owner you are, you probably set certain goals for yourself when you started your business. Setting tangible steps to reach your goals is a foolproof way to reach tangible results.

Here’s a secret: you can take those same building blocks you used to start your business and apply them to your branding.

Goal Setting for branding your business logo-05

Here’s an example. Let’s say your goal is to grow your Instagram following to 1000 die-hard Insta-fans. Ok, now what are the steps that will get you there?

  • Post great content.
  • Engage with your followers.
  • Post more regularly.

In this example, we set a goal and created the specific steps to reach it.

Now, let’s apply this to branding. What is your goal? Keep in mind, this can still be a business goal. It doesn’t have to be related to design. For example, if you’re a photographer trying to book more weddings, your goal might be to attract more brides-to-be. So think about what these women may be looking for. Your goal-oriented branding steps may look like this:

  • Look through your previous work and identify which shoots relate most to weddings that you would like to build from. Do these shoots have any common aesthetics?
  • Determine the feeling you want to evoke from future brides (romantic, fun, professional, whimsical, etc)
  • Translate those adjectives into a branding style. If you choose whimsical and romantic, think about what visuals represent those words (script lettering, florals, and soft colors are a good start!).

By working through these goal-oriented steps, you will find that you’re able to fine-tune your branding and vision. The more specific you can get with this exercise, the better your branding experience will be!

If you want to chat about this more, holla at me!




/// New Work: Stems and Sprigs SquareSpace Web Design

Stems & Sprigs squarespace web design - june mango design boutqiue - device

This SquareSpace web design project has me feeling all fuzzy inside. This lovely little site was created for a florist in Northern Michigan who A) Is one of the sweetest ladies I’ve ever virtually met, and B) Makes the most gorgeous floral designs EVAH.

Kalin, the owner of Stems and Sprigs, had a SquareSpace website set up but just couldn’t seem to align the layout and design with her brand. We worked together to create a soft, feminine, and sophisticated feel for her website that now allows her to truly broadcast her brand in an authentic way.

Take a peek at the results below.

Sprigs and Sprigs hp long - june mango design - web design - squarespace

/// The New



June Mango Web Design 2016 Mockup-01Perhaps it’s a little cliche, but I genuinely believe that a solid fresh start is the perfect way to set yourself up for great things. I love to set goals and re-evaluate where I’m at in both my business and personal life every year in January. It just seems fitting. A whole new year is ahead with 365 days to do and see and discover wonderful things!

In that vein, I thought it was time that I redesigned my website. This is something that I do more often than others, I’m sure, given that I have the ability to do it myself. But it’s actually a great goal to include on anyone’s list. Websites get outdated faster than almost anything else, so it’s important to make sure it’s up to date.

I also made a giant change by switching from WordPress to SquareSpace. As a designer, I felt that WordPress was just a bit too clunky. Every time I updated WordPress, pieces of my website would need to be re-coded, and I was always having issues with plug-ins. These aren’t make-or-break issues by any means, but I felt like I wanted a platform that wasn’t such a hassle. That meant giving up a tiny bit of design freedom, but honestly, not much. Given my background, I was able to code in some custom details on my new SquareSpace website without any trouble at all. This makes it unique to me, but I don’t have to mess with all the backend bugs.

I also decided to separate my blog from my main website and keep it in WordPress for two reasons:

1- I think WordPress is a better blogging platform that SquareSpace. It’s how WordPress started and it’s where it excels, in my opinion. It’s easy to work with and has a great backend interface.

2- I already had a pretty big log of blog posts + a design I liked. Rather than try and merge all of that over to SquareSpace, and likely lose the design, I chose to keep it on WordPress. I simply moved it over to it’s current home at Easy peasy.

As for the design? It stays true to my design style: clean, colorful and clear. A lot of organized rule-breaking, which ultimately left me with this as the final product:

June Mango Web Design 2016 Mockup-02


This is just a peek at all the juicy design-goodness! If you want to see more, head on over to the new And holla at me while you’re there, k?  😊

/// 5 Reasons to Re-Design Your Website in 2016

pink marble-5-reasons-redesign-website-2016-june-mango-01

1 – You can’t even update it
If you have to call your web developer for every little text change, you should rethink your website set up. There is LITERALLY no reason in 2016 for you to have any trouble updating your own site on a basic level. With amazing platforms like SquareSpace and WordPress, you can do so much yourself without the need to be a web guru. It’s so important to keep your content relevant, and redesigning your website on a new platform can really help you keep it current without breaking the bank or your site.

2 – It’s not clear what you do
Ask a friend to take a stroll through your website and see if they can tell you exactly what services you offer and how to buy you. This should be completely clear and easy, so if they can’t you may need to rework the layout, design or call-to-actions to make sure your dream customers aren’t confused, too.

3 – Your content is below the fold
Perhaps you’ve never even heard of a “fold” referring to web design. This is simply the part of the website you see before you need to scroll. It varies depending on how big your web browser is, but it where you most important content should be, especially on the homepage. For example, if I landed on your website’s homepage, would I be able to know what and how to buy your product of services? If not, you probably need to rethink your layout to push this important info above the fold. 

4 – You’ve outgrown your website
As a web designer, I am obviously able to change my website whenever I please. And this is part of the reason I have redesigned my website 3 times in less than two years. But the bigger reason is because I was swiftly outgrowing my first two sites. They didn’t represent my growing brand and business anymore, not to mention that they didn’t include some important web design updates (see #5 below!). But just because you’re not a web designer doesn’t mean you can’t (or shouldn’t) update your website more frequently than every couple of years. If it is out of date or no longer makes sense for your growing brand, it may be time to rework it. 

5 – Your website isn’t responsive
This is sooooooo important. Did you count the o’s in there? That’s how important it is! Your website is your online business card – I say it all the time. So that means it’s representing you and your business when you aren’t there to do it in person. If you website is hard to read or wonky on a mobile phone or tablet, that’s your dream client’s impression of your business, too. On top of this, Google has now started docking points in it’s search rankings for sites that are not mobile-friendly.

5 Reasons to Re-Design Your Website in 2016 If any of these reasons resonated with you, I would l-o-v-e to chat with you. I am happy to walk you through the process from start to finish, look over your current website, or give you pointers on SEO. Whatever you need, I gotcher back.

Because you deserve a killer website to match your badass brand and business. Holla at me to learn more!