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I just got back from the most wonderful trip to New Orleans with Being Boss. This trip was nothing short of incredible. I met some amazing women who shared their passions and fears so freely.  The constant stream of creativity was so inspiring and will forever be imprinted in my memory.

Being a business owner can be really amazing and scary and fun and hard all at the same time. It’s like you’re locked in your own glass case of emotions, but with invoices, blog posts and client projects stuck to the walls. Some days are the best day ever, and some days are really just the worst. 

Being surrounded by other business owners, particularly other women, was so uplifting and reminded me that the reason we willingly walk into the glass case every damn day is not for the money or recognition or yoga-pants-all-day attire. The reason we put our creative hearts out there and lean into the discomfort of possibly being let down is because our passion is too strong to keep in. We have to share it with other people. We have to help our dream customer, because we understand her. We have to release the creativity or else it will burst out of our ears.

So I want to thank all the women who asked questions that made them vulnerable and shared stories that made us bond. I also want to give a giant thanks to Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon who fabricated this event from a dream that started as a bit of creativity that just needed to be released. Here’s to all the boss ladies who willingly walk into the glass case everyday and share their crazy, creative talents. You keep killing it, and I will, too. 


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