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/// Shop Small


wreath collage - SHOP SMALL BRANDING-1-01

This year, I choose to support the family-owned shop down the street, the boss lady who owns the adorable boutique and the designer who’s hustling to put out the products she truly believes in.

When I was in New Orleans for the Being Boss retreat, I met so many makers. These ladies are working their asses off everyday to produce high-quality, unique goods that are fueled by some serious passion. They are paving the way for anyone else who dreams of running their own product-based business.

I felt a little inspired to ‘brand out’ this message, because that’s my jam. Duh. I get to work with these small businesses everyday, and I’m just so grateful. 

So let’s support the makers this holiday season and #shopsmall.


wreath collage - SHOP SMALL BRANDING-02

/// New project & a geometric snowflake

I am hard at work behind the scenes on a total side hustle to my daily June Mango design grind. This project has been slowly coming together and I am getting super pumped to shout it from my tiny apartment windows ( since I have no rooftop ).

geometric snowflake-07

This is a passion project that I’ve been working on in my spare time, and a tiny slice of the project includes making some really groovy geometric designs. Making these kind of puts me in this zen mode where I just stop thinking about anything else.

I’ll have lots more of these babies, including some really unique shapes and symbols as part of this new scheme, so stay tuned for more!


PS – Doesn’t it sort of look like a snowflake? That wasn’t the intention but I’m kind of digging it for the holidays, #amiright? :)

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