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/// How to make a mood board


Mood boards are so crucial to everything I do that’s visual. Starting a logo project? MOOD BOARD! Re-decorating my living room? MOOD BOARD! Planning my wedding visuals? MOOD BOARD!

Mood boards help align the aesthetic, color palette, and tone of a project. They get me on the same page with my clients. They can also help get the ideas out of my brain (or off of Pinterest, if I’m wedding planning) and into a clearly organized visual hierarchy.


Moodboard Mood Board Templates-05

Mood boards force you to select the crucial images that best represent the style of whatever you’re getting ready to create. I go a step further and make sure to pick images that include the following:

  • texture
  • design elements / inspiration
  • lifestyle images
  • color palette swatches

Below is a breakdown of how I organize a sample mood board which each of these elements.

Moodboard Mood Board Templates-06

In addition to the elements listed above, you can see that I also have a space for a “feature image” right in the middle. This should be the core mood / style / feeling of the project. It should be whatever resonates with you the most.

I also have a space for whatever else makes sense for the brand or project. I called this “Etc.” This can be any image or detail that you find is inspirational but may not fit the other elements.

A good mood board should help keep you visually focused as you move into the next phases of the project.

If you’d like some inspiration, try this, this or this!

If you’d like to try your hand at creating your own mood board, I’ve got three free mood board templates you can download here! These are in PDF format, which means you can open them in most design programs.

/// Botanical Skincare Mood Board

I’m kinda obsessed with this mood board… I know I say that about most of the mood boards I create, but I think that’s because I get to work with so many badass brands! This one is no exception.

Botanical Skincare Mood Board - june mango-02

This botanical baby is for a beauty brand that is taking a fresh approach to your skincare regimen. Lots of floral ingredients as well as extracts and oils make up the DNA of this brand. More on this one soon!

/// New Work: Sweetwater Lavender Farm

When someone tells me that they’re quitting their job to buy a lavender farm and pursue their dreams in Northern Michigan, I make weird high-pitched noises and feel all fuzzy inside. Say wha?? You’re going to grow lavender and open up an adorable shop? You’re pursuing your dream with passion and intention? Hell. Yes.

sweetwater lavendar logo social


And when someone tells me they want me to create a brand identity and landing page around that, well then I just lose it. I loved working on this project so, so much. I’m so excited to see how Sweetwater Lavender Farm grows and all the exciting things headed their way.


Brand Style Board - Sweetwater Lavender Farm-01

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