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/// Current Mood: Pumpkin Harvest

Current Mood Board - pumpkins-01-01

My current mood has me feeling like I want to escape to the sincere and slower living of a farm. I want to spend all day harvesting the most perfect pumpkins and squash, and then roast them for pies in the evening. I want to drink tea with a book in hand and then eat the pies for dinner without feeling a even little bit guilty. After my banquet, I want to make a fire that lets the rough smell of smoke into the house and curl up in the softest blanket only to dream about doing it all again tomorrow.


Lovely little photos:

Big guys / little whites / recipe book / orange + white littles

/// Halloween Hand Lettering

I might be a 5 year old. I’m pretty convinced I never fully grew up. I still like taking naps, I would eat mac & cheese for every meal if I could, and I really, REALLY love holidays. I’m PUMPed for Halloween ( I’ve made this joke about 10 times in 10 days and the fiancé might want to kill me ).


Inspired by my irrational holiday lurve, I’ve made some Halloween hand lettering designs. Right now, I have one on my iPhone and one on my tablet as backgrounds. I like to look at them while I eat lots of fun size Twix bars and watch Hocus Pocus.



Deep down, in my heart of hearts, I might secretly still be 5 years old.  But I think I’m ok with it.

Happy Halloween!

/// Cheerful Lifestyle Blog Mood Board

Cheerful Lifestyle Blog Moodboard 01-01

I am so wholly obsessed with this brand I’m working on, it’s kinda making me want to rebrand myself! Oh the woes of being a designer. Or rather, #designerd

This cheerful little mood board is for a really cool blog dedicated to helping other bloggers create awesome content with tutorials and resources. The mood is cheerful, a bit feminine, playful and techy. Basically, I want to live in it.

Stay tuned because we’re building a brand + website around this mood board, and it’s going to be sooo good. :)



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