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ombre pineapple

Sometimes people wonder how I layout my designs or if there are certain rules that I follow. The answer is yes! I studied Fine Arts in college and learned some basic, but crucial design principles that I apply to every project I create. A super standard design principle that everyone knows, is symmetry. But you may not know that asymmetry is an equally important tool. Read on!

Symmetry has long been touted as the gold standard of design. By definition, symmetry allows a composition to be balanced on all sides. This is visually easy on the eye and therefore, great for organizing content in a logical way.

But don’t rush to choose symmetry as your default design tool. The downside to symmetry is that it can feel a bit boring, especially when used in excess. It becomes predictable and oversimplified.

Asymmetry, when used thoughtfully, can break up the uniformity to create a composition that is visually exciting and complex. There is a still a need for balance between design elements in order to even out the visual weight, but when used deliberately, the effect feels modern and dynamic. Take this ombre pineapple for example (because, if we’re going to have an example, isn’t it better if it’s an ombre pineapple?!). The body of the pineapple is completely symmetrical, but it’s offset by the top of the pineapple’s asymmetrical leaves. This creates visual interest AND balance.

Both symmetry and asymmetry can be used in a composition to create a balanced communication framework. And while these are important design principles to keep in mind, they are simply the groundwork for creativity. Maybe your ombre pineapple is completely symmetrical with a crazy patterned background. Use the design principles as a framework, but don’t be afraid to get creative!



Bright, Feminine Moodboard-01

As a designer, my personal brand is ever-evolving. A tweak over here, a new element over there. But I have been doing a deep dive into the core of the June Mango brand. I’ve come up to the surface with the realization that I need to do a re-brand.

Ain’t no party like a re-brand party cuz a re-brand party DON’T STOP!

There are some services I’d like to focus on more than others as well as a certain type of clientele. And, my motto is: “You’re vibe attracts your tribe.” I believe this 110%. Time to attract some fun, colorful boss ladies!

This is a peek at what’s been bubbling up in my mind for the look and feel of the June Mango re-brand. I feel really excited about it and can’t wait to share more with you soon!


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