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May iphone succulent wallpaper calendar

I’m the weirdo who goes on a hike and stops every 5 minutes to take pictures of plants. I make ridiculous comments like “I need to do a branding project with these colors!” and “I wonder what HEX this would be?” Needless to say, I find myself with fewer hiking partners these days.

But May just lends itself to being ogled. It’s full of beauty that’s literally sprouting up all around.

May is like a giant floral hug from Mother Nature. It’s her soothing embrace that congratulates you for making it through Winter. Way to go, she says, you deserve to be surrounded by sweet smelling blooms and a plethora of colorful inspiration.
To this end, I have a crazy colorful calendar this month to celebrate May. Grab it for your smartphone or tablet to take the colors of May with you wherever you are. Even if where you are is on a hike by yourself. :)
iPhone /// iPad


blink-by-blink desktop wallpaper

I’m feeling heavy from too many egg-shaped snacks and not quite ready to dive into this week. The enthusiasm is seriously lacking and I’ve get a case of the Mondays.

I threw together this little sketch-quote for my desktop while trying to re-excite myself for the week ahead. Feel free to grab it for your desktop, too, if you’re needing that extra Monday motivation. #letsdothis




I work with all sorts of people who do amazing, creative things. Bakery owners, skin care product developers and fashion bloggers to name a few. There are a lot of reasons I choose to do design for people like this. One of the biggest reasons I love to work with these groups of creatives is their passion.

You can learn a recipe for a perfect cake or what’s hot for Spring, but passion is something you just have. It bubbles up inside you the minute you wake up and doesn’t settle until your head hits the pillow at night. You can’t teach that. Adeo Ressi, a serial entrepreneur, says, “…real passion and conviction, there’s no test to measure that, except the test of hard knocks. When you get punched in the face ten times and get up and keep going.”

That’s your passion.

I feel so lucky to get to narrow in on that passion, and translate it into design. That’s kind of a good one-sentence summation of what I strive to do through branding and web design: bring your passion and drive for your business to life through design. ( To see the fashion blogger + skincare brands, click here )

My client’s passions are also usually ones I can get behind. They’re doing things I also really enjoy and spark my interest, and that ignites my creativity. While some may be really passionate about the newest i-gadget, that’s not really my thang. But the newest craft brew on the market? I’m down!

Finding your dream clients starts with knowing yourself. You have be 100% behind their business to be able to create exactly what will fit their brand best. If you feel lukewarm about their passion, it will likely show in your work. But if you wake up wide-eyed and excited to crank out your best work, then you know you’ve likely found your dream client.

Thank you may be my dream client? Holla at me!




For this installment of Less Talk, More Type, I’m calling out my #bestie, Futura. This is often my go-to font, and one that was a big inspiration for my own brand. Futura is in the top three of the most widely used fonts. That’s an impressive standing when you think of how many fonts exist today. What might be more impressive is its lack of recognizability when used properly.

This is always a secret designer challenge: using a font because it can stand alone in it’s greatness, but incorporating it into a brand to make it fit well enough that it becomes less recognizable as a font, and instead, becomes associated with the brand. Case in point? Both Best Buy and Louis Vuitton use Futura in their logos.*Whoa*

Futura is a fast friend of mine because it’s easy to read, works well in print and on screen, plus it’s modern and classy. Unlike it’s slutty sans-serif cousin, Helvetica ( that font gets around… ), it’s not on over-used and cliche.

Futura was born when type designer, Paul Renner, wanted to create a typeface with the principles of the Bauhaus philosophy ( functional, modern and geometric emphasis ), and get rid of any unnecessary frills. His final design has the crisp, clean appearance that make up the hallmark attributes of Futura.

So what do you think? Do you see Futura in your future? ( I’m so sorry… )


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