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Let nothing stop you

On any given day, I spend about 75% of it worrying. That’s 18 hours of everyday and 45 minutes of every hour.

I’m a natural worrier. I can’t even think of a time when I wasn’t worried about at least five things. Usually, it’s more like 15-20. I once did an exercise where I wrote down every single thing I was worried about in that moment. I wrote down 30+ things. Everything from money concerns to health to random catastrophes that are highly unlikely (“What if North Korea sends a nuke over and it lands right on my apartment!?”). Ya. Crazy stuff like that.

I also worry about what people will think. When I publish this blog post, will people hate it? Will they even see it? When I go meet a new person for coffee, will I accidentally choke on my croissant or bore them to death with my current obsession with the tropical colors of Hawaii? When I send this proposal, will they laugh in my face via email and tell me I’m a hack who should just go hide under a rock?

But, and this is the MOST important part. I don’t let any of these thoughts stop me. Do I want to sometimes? HELL YA! But I refuse. I recognize the worry, and then I just keep going. This is not easy, but it’s so worth it.

It’s ok to be afraid, but do NOT let it stop you. Be terrified, but let NOTHING stop you.


/// SAYING NO TO a sale



My first job as a designer was at a tiny little print shop. It was a great experience for me to learn the ins and outs of printing as it relates to design. The downside of this job was the design clients. When your main service includes Makin’ Copiessss, I’m sure it’s not hard to imagine that we didn’t exactly have the pick of the design litter.

I once had a project for a client who was a champion wrestler. (He also was in jail for some violence-related crime…) His PR rep. asked me to create a poster for an upcoming gig that he was trying to book once he was out of jail. The feel of the design was manly, raw, crude and rugged. I tried my best, but frankly the design sucked. I had no idea how to design something for this type of client.

Today, if this PR rep. was to come to me for design, I would happily say no. I would probably say hell, no.

The reason is that I wouldn’t be a good fit for him and he wouldn’t be a good fit for me. He’s not my ideal client. I can’t get behind his passion project and narrow in on his aesthetic.

While it’s hard to say no to any person waving dolla-dolla bills at you, you’re usually better off just saying no thanks to people who don’t fit your niche. This will free you up for when that Prince Charming client arrives. Then you can say yes knowing you will enjoy the project, and they will be happy with the end result.

Think you may be my ideal client? Holla at me!


/// New Years Checklist – 15 QUESTIONS FOR YOUR BEST 2015


I find it can be hard to create goals and resolutions when the new year comes lurking around the corner. How am I supposed to alter my life for the better when I’m still recovering from my holiday food-coma? It’s slightly unfair, if you ask me.
What I’ve done instead, is think about what happened in the past year. It’s easier for me to think about what I’ve already done or accomplished, and then build goals from there. So I thought I’d share a little list of questions that you can use to do the same. At the end, review your answers and you may find that the goal or resolution that would be the most beneficial for the new year is not so hard to conjure after all.

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