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/// Adding Custom Fonts to Squarespace (without Typekit)

So you’ve just been given a beautiful new branding package from your designer full of brand new fonts and everything else. But now you’re stumped as to how to add these custom branded fonts to your Squarespace site. But I’ve gotcher back with a Squarespace hack for you that will bring those branded fonts to life online!

This little Squarespace hack took me a long time to discover (*covers eyes in shame*)… which is crazy because it’s actually pretty simple! It just takes a few simple steps and a little custom code. But anyone can do it! I promise.

Read on for the full tutorial.

custom fonts in squarespace-01

  • In the main Squarespace menu, click DESIGN. Then CUSTOM CSS.
  • Below the CSS editor, click MANAGE CUSTOM FILES. 
  • Then upload your font file (this is a file with an extension of .ttf or .otf)

upload custom fonts CSS squarespace














Copy and paste the following code into the CSS editor:

@font-face {
font-family: ‘FONT NAME‘;
src: url(‘FONT GOES HERE‘);


  • Change the text that says FONT NAME to the name of your custom font
  • Highlight the text that says FONT GOES HERE. Then click MANAGE CUSTOM FILES and click on the font you uploaded in the steps above. FONT GOES HERE should now be replaced with a url.

upload custom fonts squarespace















  • Repeat this step with all of your custom fonts.
  • Once you have all of your fonts uploaded and added to the CSS code, it’s time to make them replace the default Squarespace fonts. To do this, copy and paste the code below into the CSS editor:

font-family: ‘FONT NAME‘ !important;

font-family: ‘FONT NAME‘ !important;

font-family: ‘FONT NAME‘ !important;

font-family: ‘FONT NAME‘ !important;


You can still adjust the settings of each font in the regular style editor (ie: font size, letter spacing, etc). Make sure to click Save at the top of the Custom CSS page.


And that’s it!! Easy peasy. 







/// How To Create Multiple Links On A Single Image with SquareSpace


I’ve recently discovered a new SquareSpace hack and it has me super excited! I’ve always wanted a way to create multiple links on one image, and now I’ve figured out a way. And the best part is that it’s super easy – no custom code needed! I’ve outlined the steps below so that you can get in on this SquareSpace hack, too because I like you.


Step 1:  Start with the full image of what you would like the final image to look like on the site. We will break the image up into sections in the next step.



Step 2:  Separate the image into sections (You can crop the original image, or if you’re using Illustrator, I just create new artboards on top of the full image – one artboard for each section). Each section should be associated with one link. For example, mine will be broken into 4 sections linking to Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and my website.

individual-how-to-create-multiple-links-on-a-single-image-with-squarespace-04-05 individual-how-to-create-multiple-links-on-a-single-image-with-squarespace-04-05 individual-how-to-create-multiple-links-on-a-single-image-with-squarespace-04-05










Step 3:  Insert a content block and select the Carousel gallery.





Step 4:  Upload your sectioned-off images into the Carousel gallery block.

Step 5:  After each image is uploaded, hover your mouse over the first image and click the gear icon.




Step 6:  Add the website, page or file you would like to link the first section to and click save. Repeat for each additional section.





Step 7:  Now that everything is linked, it’s time to make sure the sections look like one cohesive image. You can adjust the Carousel block up or down until the sections are all showing up (not cropped) and everything looks good.


Step 7:  Click save and that’s it!


This little trick opens up so many possibilities from a design + layout standpoint. Another way that I use it is to add two images right next to each other without any space (like this). Or you could create a really cool collage with images/products that all link to each individual service or product page. Oh man, I could go on and on!!

Did you find this helpful or use this on your own site? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to see. Have questions or just want to chat? Holla at me. 




/// 5 Questions to Ask Before Switching from WordPress to Squarespace

So you’ve been thinking about switching from WordPress to SquareSpace, but aren’t sure if it’s right for you or your business. So how do you know if you should switch things up or stay put? Here are a few questions to help you decide:




  1. How much do you blog? If you are a regular blogger posting content more than once a week, you may want to stay with WordPress. Not only does WordPress have an amazing database for all that content, but it will also be quite a process to move all of that content over to SquareSpace without messing with the posts’ formatting, plugins, etc. If you don’t blog as regularly, this is less of an issue. I merge blogs over from WordPress to SquareSpace all the time, so it definitely can be done. You may end up tweaking each post to make sure it works in the new SquareSpace site, but if you don’t have hundreds of posts, this isn’t a huge issue.
  2. How often will you be adding pages or tweaking your content? If you know you’re going to be adding new forms, creating pages for an e-course or anything else that would require you to get in the backend and easily create your own content, SquareSpace is the clear winner. It’s user interface is extremely easy to use and it even has pre-made page layouts for the novice web designer.
  3. Do you need a lot of customization? Do you need to be able to tweak a lot of little things or have some crazy-cool functionality like a unicorn that flies across the screen? If so, stick with WordPress. WordPress allows you to create a custom-coded child theme and you can pretty much do anything you want with that (with the help of a developer). SquareSpace’s customization is a little limited, mostly because they don’t want the novice web designer to break his/her site! But even SquareSpace can be customized to a certain extent , like I’ve talked about this and this post.
  4. Do you want to be hands-off for the website’s maintenance? Then SquareSpace is the better choice. Since SquareSpace isn’t open-source, unlike WordPress, they control everything. This means there are hardly any bugs, no need to manually backup your site, and if you ever have an issue, their support team is ah-mazing. I can’t even count how many times I’ve used their live chat option when I have a question about something.
  5. What’s your price point? There’s obviously no “set cost” for either of the platforms, it just depends on what you need. For WordPress, you have to pay for hosting as well as your domain name, plus any theme you purchase or web designer/developer you may hire to help create the site. If you’re creating a custom site, you could be paying upwards of 20K! SquareSpace has a few plans that you can choose from, and most businesses can get away with the Personal plan, which is $12/month. Add that cost to your domain name and it’s only a few hundred dollars if you set it up yourself. If you hire a web designer to help you, you will likely still walk away with a brand new site for less than a few thousand dollars.

So what do you think? It really just depends on your answers to these questions, but hopefully you find them helpful in determining which choice is right for you! And hey, if you want to chat through any of this more, I’m here! Just holla at me.

/// How to CREATE A POP-UP FORM on SquareSpace

When I discover a new trick on SquareSpace I get so excited because…

A) I have a new tool in my toolkit when building client websites.

B) I get to share it with you! Because if I didn’t know this existed, chances are other people don’t either.

I recently discovered a super helpful, and super simple way to create a pop-up form for your SquareSpace website.  And you can do it without any custom code or tech-savvy-ness. Just follow the 4 simple steps below.




  1. Open your Content Block options, and click Add Form.



2)  Create your form in the normal way, adding the fields you need. Then click the Advanced tab.



3) In the Advanced tab, click the circle next to “Enable Lightbox Mode”. This is the key to making your form pop-up, verses just sit on your page as a regular form. You can also write the call-to-action text you want for your pop-up button in the “Open Button Label” field.



4) And TA – DA ! You just created a pop-up form on your SquareSpace site!





You rock.


For more SquareSpace tips and tricks check out this and this post!




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