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/// How to remove the date from your SquareSpace blog posts

SquareSpace is so great for it’s Drag and Drop abilities, but once in a while, SquareSpace gets a little stubborn and won’t let you change the simplest things. One of those things is your blog post publish date.

How to remove date from squarespace blog


If you would like to remove the blog date and time from SquareSpace, there is an easy bit of CSS code you can use to make it work. The catch is that you have to do a bit of research first. I’ve listed the steps below, which are super simple, but they work best if you’re working within a Chrome browser.

How to remove the date from your SquareSpace blog posts:

  1. First, move your cursor over the date on your blog and right click.
  2. Click “Inspector”. This should bring up all the code from your SquareSpace site.
  3. Find the “Class” that contains the date. The “class” name should look something like this: <time class=”thisisthenameoftheclass“>March 31, 2016</time>
  4. Copy and paste the class name into your Custom CSS. To get here, go to DESIGN -> CUSTOM CSS and paste in the code below. (Make sure you change .insertclass to the name of your class from Step #3).
.insertclass {
display: none;


And that’s it! You should now have hidden all the dates from showing on your SquareSpace blog.

Have more SquareSpace questions? Holla at me!

/// New Work: Stems and Sprigs SquareSpace Web Design

Stems & Sprigs squarespace web design - june mango design boutqiue - device

This SquareSpace web design project has me feeling all fuzzy inside. This lovely little site was created for a florist in Northern Michigan who A) Is one of the sweetest ladies I’ve ever virtually met, and B) Makes the most gorgeous floral designs EVAH.

Kalin, the owner of Stems and Sprigs, had a SquareSpace website set up but just couldn’t seem to align the layout and design with her brand. We worked together to create a soft, feminine, and sophisticated feel for her website that now allows her to truly broadcast her brand in an authentic way.

Take a peek at the results below.

Sprigs and Sprigs hp long - june mango design - web design - squarespace

/// New Work: Amy Kuretsky Website /// Go Live in 5

AMY K health coach Website


Amy Kuretsky is an acupuncturist and health coach who is killing it with awesome health tips and an awesome holistic approach to life and business. She shares some of her insights via Periscope on the daily, so definitely check her out there.

We created a website that really showcased her personal brand and expertise. Lots of (super informative) content get broken up by graphic elements and client testimonials. I am very slightly obsessed. Plus, we rocked it out in just 5 days.



See more of the website and give Amy some heart eyes this-a-way.

/// Go Live in 5 – Build your website in just 5 days

design develop go live-01




Go Live in 5 details02Start on MondayGo live on Friday.

Your gorgeous custom website done in 5 days FLAT.

The Go Live in 5 service is perfect for any blogger or creative! You get a fully customized SquareSpace website LIVE online in just 5 days. It all starts by booking a week to complete your custom design. Then I will dive into customizing the website, which includes tailoring it specifically to your business and personal brand style.

We close out the experience by reviewing the completed site, fixing any last tweaks, and completing the 30 minute backend tutorial (if desired). Then it’s time to celebrate!! Your website is LIVE!





AMY K health coach Website

allicia Hayes Photography Website Design - June Mango Design


“I felt so held back by my website. I didn’t want to send potential clients there. Now I absolutely love it and can’t wait to share it at my upcoming vendor shows!”

Kate Jones, Pearly Kate Photography

Go-live-in-5-popGot questions?

I would l-o-v-e to chat with you. I am happy to walk you through the process from start to finish, look over your current website, or give you pointers on SEO. Whatever you need, I gotcher back.

Because you deserve a killer website to match your badass brand and business. Holla at me to learn more!




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