/// How to Remove Name Fields from Your Newsletter Block on Squarespace

As much as I love SquareSpace, and I really do, sometimes it just won’t let you make those little changes to really customize your website. A great example of this is the Newsletter Block. Sure, you can decide to collect people’s names or just their email addresses, but what if you want to collect only their first names? Well, I’ve gotcher back with a simple string of code that will help you do just that!



First, you need to set up your newsletter block as you normally would. Make sure you have the “Require Name Field” checked. Then, follow the steps below:

  1. In the side panel, click on DESIGN.

  2. Click CUSTOM CSS.

  3. In the CSS editor, simply paste in this string of code and click SAVE:

.newsletter-form-body .last-name {
display: none;



That’s it!! Told ya it was easy.  :)




sqaurespace-hacks-code-snippets-for-squarespace-image-filters-03 sqaurespace-hacks-code-snippets-for-squarespace-custom-pin-it-button-02 sqaurespace-hacks-code-snippets-for-squarespace-faq-01


  • Amandah

    I have the require name field checked and it removes the last name but when I test it out and click submit it says “last name required” HELP!?

    • http://www.chrystaldesigns.com Stephanie Chrystal

      Same here! Did you by chance find a solution?

  • https://twitter.com/kali_edwards Kali // Junemango.com

    I’m glad you read my post and used my code! This error may be caused by a SquareSpace update. I’m going to look into it over the next week and get back to you ASAP!

  • Zandro Gil

    .newsletter-form-body .last-name {
    display: none;