/// How to remove the date from your SquareSpace blog posts

SquareSpace is so great for it’s Drag and Drop abilities, but once in a while, SquareSpace gets a little stubborn and won’t let you change the simplest things. One of those things is your blog post publish date.

How to remove date from squarespace blog


If you would like to remove the blog date and time from SquareSpace, there is an easy bit of CSS code you can use to make it work. The catch is that you have to do a bit of research first. I’ve listed the steps below, which are super simple, but they work best if you’re working within a Chrome browser.

How to remove the date from your SquareSpace blog posts:

  1. First, move your cursor over the date on your blog and right click.
  2. Click “Inspector”. This should bring up all the code from your SquareSpace site.
  3. Find the “Class” that contains the date. The “class” name should look something like this: <time class=”thisisthenameoftheclass“>March 31, 2016</time>
  4. Copy and paste the class name into your Custom CSS. To get here, go to DESIGN -> CUSTOM CSS and paste in the code below. (Make sure you change .insertclass to the name of your class from Step #3).
.insertclass {
display: none;


And that’s it! You should now have hidden all the dates from showing on your SquareSpace blog.

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  • jenkinsrose

    Thank you for sharing this code – worked perfectly! :)

    • http://junemango.com/ June Mango Design Boutique

      You are so welcome!!

  • John @ AZDIYGuy.com

    Holy cow! I tried at least ten differing approaches from other sources in an attempt to accomplish this on the Avenue template. I tried your method and was successful in 30 seconds. Boom! Thank you!

    • http://junemango.com/ June Mango Design Boutique

      YES! That’s awesome. Glad you found it helpful!

  • http://www.mymochafablife.com Stevone Wilson-Paul

    I have googled & tried at least 7 different sites instructions and yours was the fastest and actually worked! Thank you for sharing #SquarespaceNewbie

    • http://junemango.com/ June Mango Design Boutique

      Oh good!! I’m so glad you found it helpful.

  • ᒏᕩᔚᔛᓮᘹᗩ ᕮᕓᕨ ᖱᕦᑕᗩᔚᖶᖇᓍ

    Ughh! I really wanted this to work but no luck! Maybe I did it wrong? Should this work no matter what template I am using?

    • http://junemango.com/ June Mango Design Boutique

      What template are you using? Another super simple technique would be to open the Style options. You can then change the color to match the background color of your site (ie: if it’s white, change the color of the date/meta date text to white, too!)