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June Mango Web Design 2016 Mockup-01Perhaps it’s a little cliche, but I genuinely believe that a solid fresh start is the perfect way to set yourself up for great things. I love to set goals and re-evaluate where I’m at in both my business and personal life every year in January. It just seems fitting. A whole new year is ahead with 365 days to do and see and discover wonderful things!

In that vein, I thought it was time that I redesigned my website. This is something that I do more often than others, I’m sure, given that I have the ability to do it myself. But it’s actually a great goal to include on anyone’s list. Websites get outdated faster than almost anything else, so it’s important to make sure it’s up to date.

I also made a giant change by switching from WordPress to SquareSpace. As a designer, I felt that WordPress was just a bit too clunky. Every time I updated WordPress, pieces of my website would need to be re-coded, and I was always having issues with plug-ins. These aren’t make-or-break issues by any means, but I felt like I wanted a platform that wasn’t such a hassle. That meant giving up a tiny bit of design freedom, but honestly, not much. Given my background, I was able to code in some custom details on my new SquareSpace website without any trouble at all. This makes it unique to me, but I don’t have to mess with all the backend bugs.

I also decided to separate my blog from my main website and keep it in WordPress for two reasons:

1- I think WordPress is a better blogging platform that SquareSpace. It’s how WordPress started and it’s where it excels, in my opinion. It’s easy to work with and has a great backend interface.

2- I already had a pretty big log of blog posts + a design I liked. Rather than try and merge all of that over to SquareSpace, and likely lose the design, I chose to keep it on WordPress. I simply moved it over to it’s current home at junemangoblog.com. Easy peasy.

As for the design? It stays true to my design style: clean, colorful and clear. A lot of organized rule-breaking, which ultimately left me with this as the final product:

June Mango Web Design 2016 Mockup-02


This is just a peek at all the juicy design-goodness! If you want to see more, head on over to the new junemango.com. And holla at me while you’re there, k?  😊