May iphone succulent wallpaper calendar

I’m the weirdo who goes on a hike and stops every 5 minutes to take pictures of plants. I make ridiculous comments like “I need to do a branding project with these colors!” and “I wonder what HEX this would be?” Needless to say, I find myself with fewer hiking partners these days.

But May just lends itself to being ogled. It’s full of beauty that’s literally sprouting up all around.

May is like a giant floral hug from Mother Nature. It’s her soothing embrace that congratulates you for making it through Winter. Way to go, she says, you deserve to be surrounded by sweet smelling blooms and a plethora of colorful inspiration.
To this end, I have a crazy colorful calendar this month to celebrate May. Grab it for your smartphone or tablet to take the colors of May with you wherever you are. Even if where you are is on a hike by yourself. :)
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