blink-by-blink desktop wallpaper

I’m feeling heavy from too many egg-shaped snacks and not quite ready to dive into this week. The enthusiasm is seriously lacking and I’ve get a case of the Mondays.

I threw together this little sketch-quote for my desktop while trying to re-excite myself for the week ahead. Feel free to grab it for your desktop, too, if you’re needing that extra Monday motivation. #letsdothis




The birds are chirping, flowers are blooming and people are beginning to frolic freely down the streets. (Or is that just me?)

It’s April!

There are so many reasons to love April. Flower buds and chirping birds. Adorable fluffy animals. Chocolate eggs. Pastel everything. And, asparagus season! (Just me again?)
It also brings a pretty new calendar for your iPhone + iPad! I love making these and hope you enjoy them, too. Now go grab yourself a calendar, some chocolate eggs and a bouquet of asparagus and let’s celebrate April. 😉
iPhone /// iPad

/// Resilence and strength mood board

Brand styling web design moodboard

Happy Mood Board Monday! The above mood board was created for a peer-to-peer sexual assault support network that empowers survivors of sexual assault to be open to sharing, connecting and taking action. It is for men and women and is meant to be safe, uplifting, empowering and supportive. The mood is strong and honest but it’s more of a quiet strength. Not so, “in your face”. It’s powerful without being too forceful. It’s also comforting and inviting. Keywords that come to mind are growth, strength, connection and simplicity.

The colors are inviting with bright pops of yellow, but are tempered by the cool blues. The more basic hues like white, grey and black keep the colors grounded. The color palette is also somewhat androgynous being neither feminine nor masculine.

Finally, the design elements are simplistic, yet expressive. They are flat, but still have a sense of movement. There is a geometric element at play as well, but I feel that it has been taken to another level, which creates a degree of simple sophistication.

What do you think?!