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/// Botanical Skincare Mood Board

I’m kinda obsessed with this mood board… I know I say that about most of the mood boards I create, but I think that’s because I get to work with so many badass brands! This one is no exception.

Botanical Skincare Mood Board - june mango-02

This botanical baby is for a beauty brand that is taking a fresh approach to your skincare regimen. Lots of floral ingredients as well as extracts and oils make up the DNA of this brand. More on this one soon!


Bright, Feminine Moodboard-01

As a designer, my personal brand is ever-evolving. A tweak over here, a new element over there. But I have been doing a deep dive into the core of the June Mango brand. I’ve come up to the surface with the realization that I need to do a re-brand.

Ain’t no party like a re-brand party cuz a re-brand party DON’T STOP!

There are some services I’d like to focus on more than others as well as a certain type of clientele. And, my motto is: “You’re vibe attracts your tribe.” I believe this 110%. Time to attract some fun, colorful boss ladies!

This is a peek at what’s been bubbling up in my mind for the look and feel of the June Mango re-brand. I feel really excited about it and can’t wait to share more with you soon!