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/// How to customize your “read more” link on squarespace

I’ve got another little snippet of code for all you Squarespace lovers today! This one is for that boring old “Read More” link that appears on a Summary Block. Especially if you are using Squarespace’s Summary Block to showcase your blog posts, the “Read More” link is often a good spot to get your audience to engaged (ie: so that they read more!) with your featured posts.

So how do you take it from boring black text to something that matches your brand? I’ve gotcher back.



How to customize your read more blog link on squarespace blog


There are a few little code changes you can make to jazz up the plain “Read More” to match your branding colors. Here are the steps:

  1. In the main Squarespace menu, click DESIGN. Then CUSTOM CSS.
  2. Copy and paste the following code:



.entry-more-link a:not(.sqs-block-button-element) {

color: #E9AEC4 !important;


.entry-more-link a:not(.sqs-block-button-element):hover {

color: #444444 !important;




The pink highlighted text is where you can change your colors. Do not edit the grey text. (You can also add this code to an individual page if you don’t want it to affect all “Read More” links on your site).


Each template has a different method to define their “Read More” links. Please select the method for your template below, and then replace the red CSS code (.entry-more-link) with your template’s method. (If you’re template isn’t listed below, please try the links below, – many work for more than one template. If none of these work, feel free to email me with your specific template at hello@junemango.com).

Adirondack: .link

Five: .inline-read-more

Fulton: .summary-read-more-link

Horizon: .summary-read-more-link

Peak: .read-more

Mohave: .summary-read-more-link

Marquee: .entry-more-link

And that’s it!! Easy peasy. 


If you’d like to do even more customization, I have a full #squarespacehack in the June Mango shop that allows you to add a background color (to make it more like a button), add a border, and make it wider. PLUS! You can use the code GRAM to get 50% off. 








/// Go Live in 5 – Build your website in just 5 days

design develop go live-01




Go Live in 5 details02Start on MondayGo live on Friday.

Your gorgeous custom website done in 5 days FLAT.

The Go Live in 5 service is perfect for any blogger or creative! You get a fully customized SquareSpace website LIVE online in just 5 days. It all starts by booking a week to complete your custom design. Then I will dive into customizing the website, which includes tailoring it specifically to your business and personal brand style.

We close out the experience by reviewing the completed site, fixing any last tweaks, and completing the 30 minute backend tutorial (if desired). Then it’s time to celebrate!! Your website is LIVE!





AMY K health coach Website

allicia Hayes Photography Website Design - June Mango Design


“I felt so held back by my website. I didn’t want to send potential clients there. Now I absolutely love it and can’t wait to share it at my upcoming vendor shows!”

Kate Jones, Pearly Kate Photography

Go-live-in-5-popGot questions?

I would l-o-v-e to chat with you. I am happy to walk you through the process from start to finish, look over your current website, or give you pointers on SEO. Whatever you need, I gotcher back.

Because you deserve a killer website to match your badass brand and business. Holla at me to learn more!




/// 3 Reasons to start killing it with your website NOW

JUNE MANGO WEB DESIGN - start killing it
Sometimes the idea of building a brand new website can be a little scary. There are probably a few reasons for this. You may be afraid the process will take too long or that it’s too expensive. You think of updating your website as a ‘backburner’ item that you will get to eventually. 
Building your website doesn’t have to be this big scary monster of a task. Here are three solutions to those three main fears.
It doesn’t have to take months. It can take days. Really. 
When I worked as an agency designer, we had a process of building websites that caused the projects to take months. There was even one project that I started when I was hired and was still ongoing when I left. This is sooo unnecessary. The reason some web project take so long is the process. But with a process that allows me to collaborate with my clients, the project time is drastically reduced. By helping hone in on what we will need BEFORE we dive into the design process, the whole project can take just a few short weeks (or even days!)
It’s too expensive. 
This can be true, but it really depends on what you want in a website. If you would like to see unicorns fly across the screen as the user scrolls, well, sure, that is a bit fancier and will cost a bit more money to custom code those details. But if you are looking for a website that reflects your personal brand and is cleanly coded and responsive, it’s completely within reason to create this on a budget.
It’s not a priority.
Is your business a priority? Then your website should be, too. If you look at your website as your online business card, is it saying everything you need it to say? If not, creating your better online business presence should really be a priority, too.
Creating and updating your website doesn’t have to be so scary. You may just need to rethink the type of web design project that’s right for you. There are so many options and resources out on the internet that you can use to help you keep growing your biz online and off. :)

/// Go Live in 5: Pearly Kate Photography

Pearly-Kate-Photography-Go-Live-in-5-Web-Design-Featured Post


Another week, another gorgy website completed in just 5 days. This one for the sweetest photographer, Kate Jones, owner of Pearly Kate Photography.


Pearly Kate Photography Go-Live in 5 Web Design-01 copy


Kate had this fear of redesigning her website, which seems to be an unfortunate trend with creative entrepreneurs. She just didn’t have the time or the energy to dive into a long-haul web project. Once I told her about the Go Live in 5 process and explained that we could get her a gorgy new website in 5 days, she was on board.

We started the process by talking through a few key details:

  • her branding guidelines
  • her website’s audience
  • her key call-to-actions
  • what she wanted to walk away with at the end of the week

Once I was armed with this info and her web content, including her beautiful wedding photography, I was ready to dive in. We started the process on a Monday and finished with final tweaks on Friday. Since Kate switched from WordPress to SquareSpace, we jumped on the phone for a quick 30 minute tutorial, and then she was LIVE.


Pearly Kate Photography Go-Live in 5 Web Design-02 copy

I love this website for a few reasons:

  1. The design is so lovely and fits her brand so well.
  2. It’s totally going to add value to her business and increase her sales since she now totally looks like the badass photographer that she is.
  3. It wasn’t a headache for her and after a week of collaboration, her shiny new website is already promoting how fabulous she is.

Kate outline mockups-01

To see more of the website or Kate’s photography, head on over to pearlykate.com. To chat with me about the Go Live in 5 process or see if it’s a good fit for your brand, holla at me!