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Bright, Feminine Moodboard-01

As a designer, my personal brand is ever-evolving. A tweak over here, a new element over there. But I have been doing a deep dive into the core of the June Mango brand. I’ve come up to the surface with the realization that I need to do a re-brand.

Ain’t no party like a re-brand party cuz a re-brand party DON’T STOP!

There are some services I’d like to focus on more than others as well as a certain type of clientele. And, my motto is: “You’re vibe attracts your tribe.” I believe this 110%. Time to attract some fun, colorful boss ladies!

This is a peek at what’s been bubbling up in my mind for the look and feel of the June Mango re-brand. I feel really excited about it and can’t wait to share more with you soon!