If you’re posting anything to the Internet, people will see it. They’re looking at your Facebook page, checking out your Twitter and seeing what you wore in 2009. We all know this by now. So why not put out the content you’d like to get noticed? It’s fine to post that video of your cat; we all thought it was supah funny. But what is that doing to help your business and brand? People don’t know anything about you besides what you tell them and what they can find online. Why not use the internet to be strategic about your message.

So where do you start?

Begin by promoting what you’re already doing. Are you teaching young girls how to improve their softball skills? Great! Tweet your tips. Did you just make a beautiful cake for your cousin’s wedding? Throw it on Instagram!

You also need to give people a consistent means for getting in touch. Now that they’ve seen that great cake online, how can they reach you to bake theirs? Create a main point of contact across all online media platforms that will encourage people to reach out.

Finally, be yourself. If you can explain how you create your cakes or teach your lessons in a way that shows you are unique, you will gain loyalty. People want to know that they can relate to you and in turn would enjoy working with you. Your personality can be your biggest advantage to landing your dream clients.

Don’t let the internet intimidate you. By using the Internet, you’re already branding yourself. Shape that internet impression of you to fit your brand and business by putting out more curated content.