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The Tracy Lab is a neuropsychology lab run by Dr. Joseph Tracy. The lab specializes in brain imaging, pre-surgical planning (brain surgery!), and epilepsy research. With such an important and proficient group of medical professionals, I felt the website needed to convey a sense of study.

Inspired in part by the medical documents from the 19th century, there is an underlying feeling of senescence. The logo and web elements include illustrated neurons. The imagery is important in this website due to the critical information it contains about the patients brain, which is at the core of the lab's work. The site is clean and simple to let the images carry the weight and the text substantiate the rest.

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Branding + Web Design
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This was the first website that I completed with my new Go-Live in 5 service. Yup. A custom designed website in 5 days flat. I'll wait while you let that sink in.

OK - onto the branding + website! This logo was a simple but beautiful expression of the photographs that make up the work. Personal, pretty and a subtle depth. The photos are the focus when it came to the web design. They sit front and center on the site, with the Blog and About page playing the role of the sidekick. Swoon!

Allicia Hayes Photography Website - June Mango Design Boutique
Branding + Web Design
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This was a personal branding project for a UX / UI designer who is - hold up - a woman. Yup. A badass #bossbabe plowing her way through the male-dominated world of tech and coding. I'll wait while you applaud her.

OK - onto the branding! This logo was a really cool mix of coding meets authentically vintage + classic style. I started calling it "timeless tech". It's like the cool leather clutch you carry your laptop in. The colors of the logo are generally made up of classic neutrals with a slightly feminine, but not overpowering pop of pink. The icon combines the first and last letter of her name: K + A.

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Working with amazing creatives is a dream come true, and Amira Rahim is the perfect example. Her art is so beautifully colorful and full of life. Her paintings are based on the "belief that when you surround yourself with beautiful things, you feel beautiful from the inside out."

As Amira's brand grows, she is beginning to exhibit her work in more and more galleries and contacted me to help her market her art. We worked together to create a trifold brochure showcasing the the categories of paintings she specializes in as well well as a handout to give out as her calling card. The paintings are the focus in both pieces because they ultimately speak for themselves.

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